Galvan & Guerra – GGG on Ministry of sound by X-press 2

X-Press 2 shows some love to West Label Galvan & Guerra – GGG (Original Mix) on his openning track for Ministry of Sound Radio UK ♥ ♥ ♥!!!

The House of X-Press 2 – 8th November 2012 by X-Press 2 on Mixcloud



By Galvan & Guerra

2.Arbitrary. Piano Dub
By Ooft

3.Where Did Heron Go
By Kaan Duzarat

4.Slow Down Baby. Severino Remix 2012
By Brett Johnson

5.At The Bottom. Avatism Remix
By Mooryc

By Milky Thee Soul

7.You Belong To This. Autre Remix
By Max D. Blas

8.Kind Of Heavy (Dale Howard Remix)
By Chris James

9.No Love Without Joy
By Jack & I

10.It’s Just A Word
By The New Elastics

11.Going Back
By Roman Rauch

12.Dub Poetry. Pretty Criminals Spliffy Remix
By Rekreation & Saytek

13.Keep It Raw
By Little Fritter

14.In The Blood. Talking Props Remix
By X-Press 2 feat Alison Limerick

15.I Can’t Breath
By Lewis Boardman

16.Tea Break (Delano Smith remix)
By John Jastszebski

17.Dance It
By Dzeta n Basile

18.Is It Me Or Is It You (Carlo Lio Remix)
By Sebastian Radlmeier

19.Like Saying
By Tom Flynn

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