[WL001] West End Part I

[WL001] West End Part I

West Label is proud and excited to present his debut release with a 6 tracker Various Artist.

Alex Galvan & Andrew Vangal unite powers in “That Something”, this track will fill you with delight and deepen your senses. Flowing with a deep happy beat takes you on a ride you will want to be on again & again. Galvan & Guerra, What a fusion! Deep and sensual, this track brings out a groove and down tempo beat to get you feeling tantalized. With a kick you cant help but wanna dance to and electronic sounds to inspire you!. Maturana, Disco meets the space age!! Get me on a spaceship to this groove central… feeling it deep that you wanna ride the purple airplane!. Come on lets go!!! wanna go rock with Lati & Troncoso cuz they do it best! They drop some deep minimal beats with a sharp inspiration of blissful sounds, this is a track you will adore & play over & over again. Rodrigo Rivera brings alive this deep house track. Envisioning the track and feeling it flow with sick vocals in between.
Gil Montiel, Got Spooky!!! Wow! progressing so purely. Sounds making you see color, coming in & out of the tune like tiny rays of light and a superb bassline that you won´t think twice to put those feet moving on the floor.

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No Artificial Colours Nervous Records
That Something’ is cool!

Jacques Renault
I thought I left feedback, apologies. I like this comp when I flipped through it. I’m going to have to try these out for sure thanks.

Darren Rock Rocky / Xpress 2
GGG for me.

Darren House Diesel / Xpress 2
Quality comp

Murray Richardson East Village / Rebel Waltz Industries
one night in my room and that something are the stand out trax for me here

Cole Medina (Internasjonal / Foto Recordings)
good stuff here, something for everyone!

Tony Rodriguez Brothers’ Vibe
Cool pieces – Thanks!

Max Chapman Hot Waves / Lower East
like alex and andrews track.. downloading thanks.

Nick Woolfson Mock N Toof
I really like the Rodrigo Rivera & Galvan & Guerra tracks on this release. Nice.

Craig Smith 6th Borough Project
Maturana catching my ear on this one.

Felix Feygin Chordashian (Mullet Records)
nice selection of music here, will play some of these for sure. thanks

Severino Panzetta Horse Meat Disco
Alex galvan is great Gil Montiel too

Bonar Bradberry PBR Streetgang
Fun, Playable great package support

Lee Foss Hot Creations
Downloading, thanks

Downtown Party Network Eskimo
loving Alex Galvan and Maturana!

Clinton Houlker Nurvous / Resonance / Danse Club
Really feeling ‘That Something’ TUNE!

Miguel Puente
cool stuff guys !!

Lucien Nicolet Luciano / Cadenza
Thanks for the music! L

Danny Ward Dubble D / Moodymanc
Likin the Rodrigo Riviera here thanks

Claudio Coccoluto various

Alin Crihan Aeromaschine (Baalsaal / Mirau Musik)
the disco shit track is cute, i like it. hopefully i’ll be able to play it sometime.. thanks for the promo ! ac

Matthias Vogt Motorcitysoul
a bit too naughty for me, regarding sampling.

Adam Parylak Deep Shit
like rodrigo’s one thanks


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