WL002 Rug Ridazz – Love EP

[WL002] Rug Ridazz – Love EP

West Label is proud to present smooth jams for smooth riding and grinding, always with sexy soulful and sensual housy feeling, from deep funkyness. An aphrodisiac not just for the body but also for the soul. They capture the interest of the nation right from the word go… introducing Rug Ridazz!

They drop a 4 tracker EP and amaze everyone with electrifying and quirky jazz sound. They go into a funky deep sensual journey with popping triangles and electro grooves. The ears are taken on an everlasting roller coaster!! Stay tuned and watch this rising stars flow through the stardust!

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Email: info@west-label.com

Monterrey, NL & México D.F


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