[WL003] Rug Ridazz – Love EP Remixes

After a great success with their first ever release featured on West Label , the ongoing and promising record label from Monterrey, Mexico, Rug Ridazz (Peter Bjerk and Mikel Mianyo) Love EP returns loaded with amazing remixes by amazing remixers from all over the world with much love to you.

With the same sensual organic and funky feeling the Love EP remixes will blow your mind with remixers such as: Agiss & Mezcales feat. Chane, Inkzvolte, Gog, Mejia, Carrilho & Moura and of course the head label house masters Alex Galvan and Luis Guerra (Galvan & Guerra).

Agiss & Mezcales feat. Chane – Totally turned the game around with their amazing organic remake/remix, great female vocals, downtempo madness and is just perfect.

Luis Guerra – Deep House remix for buck it up, is sure to make a perfect dance floor filler, bass driven house music.

Inkzvolte – The Boss of the sister label of Cream Couture “Autentik Dystrikt”. Always keeping you in your toes deep techy track that will sure make your body move.

Carrilho & Moura – Brazil’s very own, Making a deep underground track, psychedelic vocals and amazing perks and rhythm will guide you thru Carrilho & Moura’s vision of house music.

Alex Galvan – Taking Bukk it up to a whole new level, mellow yet full energy.

Mejía – What more can we say about Mejia’s Dancefloor bomb masterpiece, everything in its right place the way it should be.

GOG – Last but not least Louder Music Head Honcho drops a sensual, deep and mysterious track with a dope metallic bassline perfect for warming up that dance floor bodies.

Coming out on March 28 in all digital Stores!

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