[WL004] Jonny Cruz, Lati – Maracujá EP

Finally! the long awaited Maracujá EP by our beloved friends Jonny Cruz & Joel Latimer aka Lati is coming out on april! Exclusive on Beatport, incl. remixes by Nikki Gibler, Daniel Cantisani, Alex Galvan & Andrew Vangal!

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Oliver $
‘daniel cantisani is my fav’
Amos (Waifs & Strays)
‘Nikko’s remix for me!’
Darren House (Diesel / Xpress 2)
‘Nikko mix is a real grower . . .support from X-Press 2 . . . . http://www.ministryofsound.com/radio/radio-djs/146/house-of-x-press-2/
Severino Panzetta (Horse Meat Disco)
‘exellent arrange’
Sergio Santos (Sergio Santos, Culprit, No.19)
‘finally this track comes out! one of my all time favs’
Robert Owens
‘Cool tracks’
Tony Rodriguez (Brothers’ Vibe)
‘Nice one…Thanks!’
Gabriel Boni
Beautiful EP bro, all my support, will include in BONI cast #001 with lots of lovely beautiful tracks.
Daniel got the mood in this one,my fav mix.

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